The NDIS, National Disability Insurance Scheme, can provide all people with disability with information, connections to services in their community and packages that enable each individual to work towards their goals with financial commitment to funds and the ability to gain support to manage these supports as needed in an NDIS plan.

Each individual is able to find out if they are eligible by finding out more via this link or navigate the full website here.

At AquaAccess4All, we currently support participants in the NDIS space, who elect to have a self managed plan or a managed plan to enable them the choice and control around the service providers they seek to have on the journey.

We have policies, procedures, code of conduct, enrolment packages and service agreements, plus we ensure our skills, training and qualifications are all current and above standard at all times. We support each person to have a voice and agency in the way sessions are developed and will evolve and cater to the needs of each individual with consultation through family, advocates, carers, therapists and supporting professionals.

Timely accounts of invoicing and statements are sent after the service has been provided to you and we work together with plan managers to make everything as smooth as possible.

AquaAccess4All cater to assisting and working towards core support goals and capacity building supports in, around but not limited to the areas of:

  • social, economic and community participation in a 1:1 capacity (0125)
  • assistance in daily life (0107)
  • innovative community participation (0116)
  • skills development and training (0117)

In the past year, we have also applied to become an approved NDIS registered provider, which requires an external independent audit and submission to the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission. We will inform our community of when these steps are completed.

We welcome all new enquires around using NDIS plans to access the water and gain the wonderful benefits that are waiting for you.

Our admin team, are always happy to provide a quote and email correspondence to assist in your planning, reviews and provide ongoing support. We can communicate with you and your individual request around NDIS matters in relation to AquaAccess4All services to the best of our ability.

For more information about the services we provide please take a look at WHAT WE DO.