The Team

Sam – AA4A Founder & Support Educator/Facilitator


Hi, I am Sam (to most people – Samantha to others…)

As a trained preschool teacher from, let’s not say the year I began, I have always had a passion and gravitated to being in places and spaces where I can be most helpful and learn through play and doing.

I worked in holiday programs and weekend work with individuals with special needs and that grew into working with the Department of Education in Special school settings for the last 20 years (!!! How is it that long? OK, I’m old!).

I have worked in hospitality too, as well as a private nanny and other liaison roles for preschools, schools and teachers who support students with disabilities. And now I am AquaAccess4All 90% – 200% of the time, and I am super amazed by all the people I have had the privilege of meeting through this venture.

Roberta – AA4A Aqua Support Educator/Facilitator


I am a mature aged person who loves working as a lollipop lady and a swim teacher. I have a son and a daughter and 3 grandsons and 2 granddaughters.

I like working one on one and helping the children to enjoy being in the water.

Fun fact?
I lived in a circus when I was less than one year old.

Life motto
Always treat people with respect!

Kerry – AA4A Aqua Support Educator/Facilitator


Teacher of swimming, water safety, and how to have fun.

AquaAccess4All provides learning and teaching for All abilities and its an area that gives me rewards.. I’m ready for expanding into this space on a more regular opportunity.

I know that i enjoy my work as much as those I’m teaching / helping.

You never stop learning. Teaching/helping people and the community is a lifelong, enjoyable experience

Woman in swimming pool smiling
Vicky – AA4A Aqua Support Educator/Facilitator


Prior to coming to AA4A, I worked in specialist education for over 14 years and have a Bachelor of Applied Science in Disability Studies. I loved building rapport with the students, helping them build on independence and communication skills while having heaps of fun in the process! 

I have 2 daughters who keep me busy and foster care for an ‘Assistance Dogs Australia’ golden retriever who’s called Piper. 

One of my many highlights while working in the education system was that I helped run hydrotherapy. I saw first hand how hydrotherapy and water activities are so important for mobility, pain relief, building core strength, body awareness sensory regulation. So when AA4A came on the radar, I thought this job would be perfect and very rewarding!

Bron – AA4A Aqua Support Educator/Facilitator


With a background in early childhood and travel writing, I have a strong passion for inclusion and am passionate about supporting people to achieve their personal best. I am the proud Mum to 3 awesome kids. I am a huge Cavoodle lover too!

I am in the water at sunrise each morning and love how it can relax the mind and body. It brings people together and makes you feel amazing. Always leaves you with a positive mindset. I absolutely love watching our participants gain new skills and achieve things they previously said they couldn’t do!

Stephen – AA4A Aqua Support Educator/Facilitator


Stephen comes from a background of assisting children with additional needs through childcare and is currently in his 3rd year of study for a Bachelor of Primary Education, specialising in science.

His interests are playing soccer, swimming, snorkelling and travelling. He has had a love for the water since he was little, and always loved to participate in all the school swimming carnivals.

Why Aqua? He is passionate about ensuring that anyone can access swimming facilities and instructors regardless of their needs, age, ability or background.

Fun Fact: Stephen was actually born in Liverpool, England! He moved to Australia when he was just 5 years old.

Abbi – AA4A Aqua Support Educator/Facilitator


Abbi is a Kiwi who moved to Melbourne in May 2021. She’s previously worked as a swim teacher in her teens and then as a support worker for adults with intellectual disability and traumatic brain injuries specialising in challenging and antisocial behaviours. She’s in the process of completing a Bachelor of Social Work.

Why Aqua?

Abbi loves the pool and being a part of a person gaining skills, confidence, and having fun.

Fun Fact:

Outside of work, she loves playing roller derby, a fast paced sport on quad skates. And her go-to karaoke song is La Macarena!

Life Motto:

“If you can’t be good, be good at it!” AND “If it’s good, it’s wonderful. If it’s bad, it’s experience.”

Paige – AA4A Aqua Support Educator/Facilitator


Paige is currently studying a social work degree and has done swimming her whole life, with lessons from the age of 6 months to 12 years and I’ve continued to swim every now and then for my fitness! I started swim teaching at the beginning of 2020 and discovered how much I truly enjoyed access teaching!!

Why Aqua?

“When working for another swim group my two access classes are what kept me showing up for work every week! Being able to do it with AA4A all the time has been amazing!!”

“I love being able to work with kids who are genuinely interested and enjoy their lessons, it is a bonus too that I get to feel as if I am making a positive influence in their lives!”

Fun fact:

When she was little she memorised the audiobook of “Hairy MaClary from Donaldsons Dairy” and would trick people into thinking she could read the book – to this day she admits that she is a terrible reader!

Life Motto:

Everything happens for a reason

Bec – AA4A Aqua Support Educator/Facilitator


Bec joins Aqua Access 4 All with over 21 years of swim teaching experience. She is passionate
about teaching swim skills, water safety and ensuring all clients have a great experience in the
water. Her down to earth nature and passion for inclusion make a great combination for joining
our team.

Fun fact:

Outside the water Bec loves walking in nature, camping and fishing. Bec brings her sense of
adventure to the pool and she’s even jumped out of a plane!

Life Motto:

It’s not what happens to you in life , it’s how you handle it!

Mairi – AA4A Aqua Support Educator/Facilitator


Mairi is a committed aquatic educator with a passion for water safety and a strong believer in inclusion for all. My background is primarily in mental health and social enterprise. My experience includes mental health support work, social enterprise management and business development, focusing on mental health, autism, and disability.

I’m in the water at every opportunity, I swim regularly at PARC and spend as much time at the beach as possible. I also enjoy being involved with Bonbeach Life Saving Club where my son does Nippers.

Why aqua?

“I absolutely love working in aquatics. I also work at PARC as a learn to swim teacher and teacher of pre-school and infant aquatics. I really value working 1 to 1 with participants and the opportunity to tailor sessions to the individual. I enjoy supporting participants to become more comfortable and safe in and around water. I also love sharing fun activities like the water playground and I’m always happy to go down the water slides. . .big or small!”

Fun fact:

She grew up in the highlands in Scotland and used to ski around her house! The one food she can’t live without is chocolate.

Life Motto:

Love the life you live. Live the life you love.

Maryn – AA4A Aqua Support Educator/Facilitator


Hi I’m Maryn (pronounced like Karen but with an M).

I grew up around water and made sure my 2 kids were taught to swim at a young age. We always had a pool and had regular holidays at surf beaches like Sandy Point at Wilson’s Promontory <– Loved my surf mat!

I have worked in hospitality and retail and also as a police officer in the Victorian Police force.

I love working with people, helping, encouraging everyone to have fun and laugh!

I played hockey for a long time but changed to golf a while ago and now I’m obsessed. It’s good exercise (about 18,000 steps a round). I recently had an eagle, that’s 2 shots on a Par 4, it was very, very exciting!!!!!

I am thrilled to have the opportunity to work in water and with the amazing staff and awesome kids we have has clients.

Life Motto:

Make the rest of your life the best of your life.

Shaquille – AA4A Aqua Support Educator/Facilitator



Charlee – AA4A Aqua Support Educator/Facilitator


I come from a background of hospitality, having been a crew trainer and eventually a manager across my time there.

I’m very passionate about training/teaching and when a position at AA4A came up, I knew I couldn’t miss it.

My interests are reading and Netball. I have been playing netball since I was 8 years old and I’ve recently taken up coaching at my local club, helping mentor a junior team.

Why aqua:

I really enjoy the 1:1 sessions, being able to build a strong relationship while helping the participant achieve their goals in the water.

Fun fact:

I come from a very big family, having 6 sisters and 4 brothers so my home life can be very crazy sometimes!

My life motto:

Be the change you want to see in the world.