What We Do

At Aqua Access 4 All we take time and listen to what you need.

With years of experience within the specialist education setting and aquatic spaces, complimented by personal experiences and knowledge with all abilities and ages, we enjoy building a water session that maintains routine yet flexibility to move and grow with the participant/learner.

Our sessions provide vital 1:1 support for people to improve their lives, functionality, freedom and provide wellness with aquatic access.

Sessions typically take place in a hydrotherapy warm water space and have the freedom to accommodate other pool access within the complexes we meet you in. The other water spaces may include, learn to swim depth pools, 25m lap lanes, shallow beach entry and additional fun, leisure spaces such as splash playgrounds.

Connected to our vision, mission and values, we connect to community, seek to provide opportunities to gain social interactions, cater to your goals and uphold respectful relationships through communications and shared experiences.

The benefits of warm water hydrotherapy is well documented. Within a session at Aqua Access 4 All, a participant, may feel or experience the following benefits:

  • gain body awareness and movement in the water, as opposed to land based exercise
  • maintain/increase mobility
  • be supportive of rehabilitation needs
  • promote wellness, both physically and mentally
  • work towards physical milestones as the water may mobilise stiff joints, increase strength, promote tone
  • increase ability to weight bear, with the aided buoyancy of the water
  • be used as a pain management strategy
  • improve aerobic fitness, endurance and stamina
  • improve circulation
  • support balance and coordination goals
  • work towards building, maintaining and improving self-confidence
  • relieve muscle tone, loosen and relax tight muscles
  • densensitise the nervous system as the body adjusts to touch and pressure
  • work on core strength and postal care/control
  • promote a calming and relaxed state for mind and body

As part of our individualised sessions for any participant, we want to build trust and a relationship that fosters the water journey to be positive and successful. We believe and work hard to connect, have fun, ensure we move forward in steady ways whilst maintaining routine, familiarity, choice and control. It is important to us that we create sessions that meet the needs of those we are working with. Everyone can have a tough or uncertain day, the water can be energising, soothing and a space that allows the session to flow and engage in play and doing while learning.

We see safety and responsible education around water as essential. Every session includes elements of water safety to increase the chances of being a safe water user. Using, but not limited to, safety entries and exits, monkey move along the rail in various depth, breath control, jumps as appropriate and floats.

Aqua Access 4 All cater and specialise in all abilities and ages, with a collection of individuals that we like to call our “Aqua Family”. Our team has the skills, experience and patience to find the ideas that excite and motivate our learners – we also love it when you tell us all about your loved one, as a family/carer/advocate we can learn from you! Access to accessible visual communication pages and strategies beside the pool, additional professional development in Access and Inclusion, Preschool and Infants, AutismSwim courses and ongoing training we aim to #beyourbest.

Our Services

Aqua Access 4 All delivers specific 1:1 aquatic access to meet your needs.

With qualified, experienced and caring team members, we can offer sessions that are flexible, on most days of the week with our partnership with Peninsula Aquatic Recreation Centre (PARC), Franskton and limited availability (on request) at Casey Race, Cranbourne.

We currently have capacity to support NDIS participants who are SELF or PLAN MANAGED.

As part of the enrolment process we like to get to as much information as we can from our participants/families/advocates to establish and support the best experiences and sessions possible. This takes place both in formal documents and a meet and greet chat to assist in transition and follow up queries. We at Aqua Access 4 All take a personal and friendly approach to our services that sees our conversations, community engagement and connections as fulfilling and inclusive for all.

Follow through to our pages to find our about our story and how to get in touch!