Our Day at the Farm

On Saturday August 6th, AquaAccess4All partnered with Sean and the Inclusive Experiences team to enjoy a day at the farm thanks to transport provided by AA4A’s newest team member, our van BLUEY.

Everyone arrived full of smiles with their bags packed ready to enjoy the journey. Just as we were about to hit the road we hit a snag! Sean received a call saying that our planned destination (Caldermeade Farm) was closed due to a power outage. Oh no!!

In true professional, flexible style and thanks to some quick thinking by Sam, Plan B swiftly swung into action and our farm day went ahead with 9 participants and 5 team members heading off to Chesterfield Farm, Scoresby.

The travel in BLUEY was comfortable, easy and smooth and the weather was kind. We all enjoyed a very successful, fantastic, fun-filled day on the farm.

Here are the things we all loved:

  1. Watching the sights out the window as we travelled
  2. Chatting to new people
  3. Enjoying yummy snacks
  4. Seeing the peacock in full show
  5. Meeting the baby animals in the animal nursery
  6. Riding a tractor down to the paddocks to see camels, llamas, horses, sheep, kangaroos, ducks, chickens and pigs
  7. Watching Bridget the sheepdog round up all the sheep in a demonstration
  8. Enjoying delicious ice cream and cookie treats
  9. Climbing the playground tyre tower
  10. Seeing all the talking cockatoos and cockatiels
  11. Walking and moving around independently
  12. Soaking up the winter sunshine

We cant wait to have our next day out! In the meantime we invite you to check out the Inclusive Experiences website to see what they are getting up to.

If you are interested in taking part in future land or water based activities with AquaAccess4All please CONTACT US to register. We also recommend that you keep an eye on our News-SPLASH email newsletters and Facebook and Instagram socials pages for event info and updates!